France and Philippe comment

Innocuous, Authentic, Quality, Ethical

We are committed to:

1. MAKING all of our products from natural plants,

2. SELECTING plants that are traditionally recognised for their positive effects on babies,

3. FORMULATING our skincare products for fragile and delicate baby skin,

4. EXCLUDING mineral oils, artificial colouring and aromas , and any chemical preservatives not authorised by ECOCERT standards,

5. LEVERAGING traditional and international research and development,

6. SUBMITTING all of our products to a battery of rigorous tests under strict dermatological control,

7. PRODUCING balanced product batches in order to ensure quality and optimal freshness, as well as to limit stock,

8. GUARANTEEING the maximum amount of ECOCERT-certified organic ingredients and respecting the COSMEBIO charter

9. RESPECTING the environment (using recyclable packaging) and never testing our products on animals,

10. CHECKING supplies rigorously at every phase of the production process, respecting stringent BPF standards


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