Natural mineral water

Natural mineral water” captured at an altitude of 1879 meters in the heart of the swiss alps.

Alpaderm has chosen natural mineral water captured at a high altitude in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Its consistent specific mineral and oligoelement composition entitle it to the “Natural Mineral Water” appellation. With its low mineralisation, this natural mineral water is particularly well suited for caring for babies' fragile skin.


Water must is subject to numerous verifications before it can obtain the “Natural Mineral Water” label. This label is controlled by the decree on recognising natural mineral water of February 12, 1986 and the decree on foodstuffs.

Under these guidelines, only water that is irreproachable in microbiological terms (bacteriologically) can be called “natural mineral water”. It can come from from one or more natural or captured sources.

Natural mineral water must be distinguished by its specific geological origin, by the nature and quantity of its mineral components, by its original purity, by its composition and a constant temperature within the limits of natural variations. These characteristics must be verified by recognised scientific procedures.


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