An inside look at baby's skin

Baby skin is the result of a long growth process that takes place throught pregnancy

Changing your baby's diapers

Changing baby's diapers doesn't take long, but just like bath-time, it represents a special and intimate moment.
As with the bath, try to avoid rushing to change your baby's diaper, stressed between two telephone calls or while spaghetti is cooking and the water is about to boil over! Changing diapers is an important job, so organise yourself so that you don't waste time, but take the time to live the moment.
Keep everything you need all in one place, the diapers and other necessary materials, so that you don't get upset looking for it. Relax, you can smile now.

Washing your baby

It is important to wash your baby on a daily basis, not only for hygiene reasons, but also because the moments you spend together represents privileged and intimate time to be appreciated. A bath is still the best way to wash. For the first few days a sink might do the trick, but you will quickly want to get your hands on a baby bathtub.

So the sun can stay your baby's friend

The sun is an indispensable companion for babies, accompanying them every time they go out, whether just around the house, at the sea or in the mountains. For example, thanks to the sun's rays, your baby can synthesise the vitamin D that is so important for growing bones. The hard part is that the friendly sun can quickly become a problem, as it is too strong and we absolutely have to protect our infants' skin efficiently from ultra-violet rays.