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Alexandra, Fribourg. about Cérat des Alpes, nourishing cream, massage oil, sun protection fluid SPF 30

“Your daughter suffers from atopic allergies and you have to be extremely careful about her everyday environment and the products that you use to clean her.” That's what our doctor told us last March. I left his office with prescriptions for emollient creams and long list of products to avoid, including laundry detergent: no additives and no chemical excipients. I tried all the creams I could find at the pharmacy that were supposed to help the problem. Nothing changed, and Tatiana continued to have raw patches between her nose and mouth, on her cheeks and in the folds of her neck. A mother at her day-care centre lent me the Alpaderm Cérat de Alpes cream two months ago. First I tested it on a small area on my daughter's skin. She didn't have any bad reaction to it to I started treating all her patches with the cream every day. My little Titi's sensitive skin was finally soothed and began to heal. Today she no longer has any problem at all. I'm really relieved by her new-found comfort.