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Alexandra, Paris. about Cérat des Alpes

Hi ! My name is Alexandra, I'm 40 years old and I travel frequently for business. I don't have any particular problems with my skin, so I won't talk about allergies or eczema. It's just that I recently discovered the Cérat des Alpes cold cream, a natural Swiss product that works really well for me, covering all my needs in a single product, which happens to be organic and smells nice. I use it for many things. I apply on light burns and sunburns. I do a mask once a week to make sure my skin is well moisturized and nourished. I put it on my lips every morning before putting on make-up and as a complement to exfoliation, and I massage it into my elbows and knees regularly. On top of all that, every two weeks or so I put it in my cotton socks and sleep with it. Baby-soft feet guaranteed! With a single 100% organic product, I'm not afraid to use it on my whole body, lightening up the load in my suitcase!