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Anne-Marie, Jura. about Cérat des Alpes, cleansing cream, nourishing cream, massage oil, ultra-gentle shampoo, sun protection fluid SPF 30

You hear a lot of talk about organic products these days. I feel very concerned by this issue and I try to limit my ecological footprint as much as possible by acting responsibly towards the planet whenever I can. I changed the way I consume products and now only buy organic products, particularly without anything that has anything to do with petroleum. Of course, this includes my skin creams. I live in the mountains, and in the winter my skin really suffers both from the sun and the cold. Alpaderm's Cérat des Alpes is a totally natural balm that soothes my skin, and it doesn't have any petrochemical additives. I believe that it is possible to find products that are really 100% organic and that match my beliefs.