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Anne-Marie, Marseille. about cleansing cream, nourishing cream, massage oil, ultra-gentle shampoo

I'm 8 months pregnant. When I first got pregnant, I wanted to be really careful by making sure to only eat healthy and organic food and use organic cosmetics. While surfing the Internet I discovered Alpaderm and its products, and I read the story about the parents who wanted to help their daughter. That's what inspired me to try. I put all my old products in the closet after reading the endless list of E-something ingredients. I never realized how much we cover ourselves in petroleum derivatives through all kinds of additives. In any case, today I only feed my skin with your Cérat cold cream, massage oils and cleansing cream. I'm happy to see that they are all paraben-free, hypo allergenic and organic. I think this is the best for my baby and my own skin too. Knock on wood, I haven't got any stretch marks yet!