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Anne, Saint-Suplice. about Cérat des Alpes, massage oil, sun protection fluid SPF 30

I'm allergic to peanuts, shrimp and some kinds of pollen. Between sinusitis, sensitive skin and my special diet to avoid oedema, I've really got it all! I know all the antihistamines and corticoids by heart, and it's been a real pain to be on high alert for 20 years. I can't just wash with any product I find, and I have to be really careful what I put on my face, otherwise I get patches. It's not easy at all to find really organic products with active ingredients. My esthetician more or less told me about Alpaderm products. She actually uses the cream for her son, who has skin problems. I started by testing the cérat, then I moved on to the nourishing cream. This summer I started using the sun cream. No problem with red spots or intolerance. My skin is great looking! I can finally think about something else. A big thanks to the couple who created these products. I read their story on the web and found that it was a really nice explanation.