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Catherine, Haute-Savoie.about Cérat des Alpes, cleansing cream, nourishing cream, massage oil, ultra-gentle shampoo, sun protection fluid SPF 30

A few years ago I saw a programme on French TV that talked about chemical products and the risks of using paraben, a chemical preservative, which is contained in almost all cosmetic and cleansing products. I talked about this the next time we saw our pediatrician. It was scary to me to think about how fragile a baby's immune system can be, and how damaging it can be to subject a baby to these products at such a young age. I decided to only use organic products without paraben. I think it's much better for my daughter Anna. Alpaderm has become the only line of cosmetic products and skin creams that I use on her, as well as on the rest of the family. No paraben, no petroleum by-products, it's organic and very effective.