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Cathy, Haute-Savoie. about Cérat des Alpes, cleansing cream, nourishing cream, massage oil

Hi to my friend Sylvie! Sylvie you know that I don't like to write much, but I wanted to thank you! You know what my work is like in the laundry service at the hospital, and how harsh it is on my skin. I really do have to take three showers a day from working with dirty laundry! So over the years, my skin has taken a beating and is now very sensitive, tight and very often sore with red spots. You showed me the way out! You are the one who first told me about Alpaderm's cold cream and their moisturising cream for sensitive skin. I've been using them for two months now and clearly I'm suffering less! My skin is finally healthy-looking. No more dryness. No more itching and feeling like I'm wearing a mask. It's a great relief!