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Christine, Geneva. about Cérat des Alpes, nourishing cream, massage oil, sun protection fluid SPF 30

When my daughter told me that Romain had cutaneous atopia, the first thing I thought about was cérat de Galien cold cream. I ordered a preparation at my pharmacy, thinking that the moisturising properties of the balm would sooth my grandson's irritations. In fact, it didn't work… actually because of the sweet almond oil. The boy apparently reacted badly to it. I looked for another cream that would be as nourishing but without this allergenic ingredient. I found out that Alpaderm's Cérat des Alpes is made with primrose and jojoba oils. True, it took me some time to convince my daughter to try the new cream, but when she did a put some on tiny area on Romain's skin there was no bad reaction. Today we are convinced by the results: his skin is less dry, less irritated and breathes more!