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Reiner, Lyss. about Cérat des Alpes, cleansing cream, massage oil

A few days ago I tried three Alpaderm products:
1. Cleansing cream
2. Cérat des Alpes cold cream
3. Massage oil
After just 2 days of using these products my skin was dirt-free and clean. I started by using the cleansing cream and now I use the Cérat des Alpes. My skin has gotten soft and supple.

Then I used the massage oil again. In doing so, I felt a wonderful sensation on my skin and muscles.
Thanks to Alpaderm I feel that I can solve my skin problems with a simple solution that is fast, efficient and natural.

I'm interested in the rest of your products and I would appreciate it if you could keep me informed by e-mail. Thanks in advance, I'm already looking forward to discovering even more organic Alpaderm products. Sincerely…