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Sylvie Haute-Savoie. about Cérat des Alpes, cleansing cream, nourishing cream, massage oil, ultra-gentle shampoo, sun protection fluid SPF 30

Alexander was born with extremely dry skin because he spent several hours without amniotic fluid before birth. His skin remained fragile after that. He is extremely sensitive to both the sun and the cold. He has also developed an allergy to most of the skincare treatment products available in the stores. I only wish I had known about Alpaderm's products when he was a baby. I recently discovered Alpaderm's cerat des alpes, thanks to advice from a friend, and I tested the cream on Alex. Even after just a few days, the result was astounding. The dry and irritated skin on his face and body got softer. The red blotches disappeared and he no longer has to scratch all the time. It's an easy cream to put on and Alex likes the smell. Today I use your products for the whole family and nothing can make me change! Bravo.