Carole, Lausanne. about Cérat des Alpes

Guillaume, 8 years old. He’s the only one of my three sons who has had allergy-related problems with his skin ever since he was little. Over the years I must have tried every cortisone cream available to treat his eczema. Nothing worked. Even worse, his skin became even more fragile. It’s very sad to see your child suffering from constant itching, and to be afraid of infection all the time. All you can do is breath a bit between two crises, just waiting for the next to begin. Last year I got tired of this situation. I decided to totally change my approach and his food. Guillaume was treated for a year by a homeopathic doctor who told me to also start using a natural emollient cream. I’m the one who found the Alpaderm cream (thanks to an article in Le Matin). His skin is now much better today. Guillaume finally has the right to have normal skin like everyone.

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