Changing your baby’s diapers

Changing baby’s diapers doesn’t take long, but just like bath-time, it represents a special and intimate moment.
As with the bath, try to avoid rushing to change your baby’s diaper, stressed between two telephone calls or while spaghetti is cooking and the water is about to boil over! Changing diapers is an important job, so organise yourself so that you don’t waste time, but take the time to live the moment.
Keep everything you need all in one place, the diapers and other necessary materials, so that you don’t get upset looking for it. Relax, you can smile now.

Your task is really quite simple :

After laying baby down on a clean bath towel, open the diaper and use the front part to wipe baby’s bottom, folding the diaper into itself as you place it beneath his or her bottom.
It is important to clean baby’s bottom with a clean, soapy washcloth (or cotton) every time you change the diaper. Wipe baby’s bottom from top to bottom, from clean to dirty. Then do the same for the back-side, remembering that if you are changing a girl, you must always wipe from front to back. After rinsing, remove the dirty diaper and put a clean one in place.
Above all, make sure that baby’s skin and folds are dry before applying cleansing cream made with jojoba, primrose, Madonna lily and Chamomile to keep the area clean, and to sooth skin that has been irritated by bowel movement and urine. We recommend a cream whose composition is specially designed for baby skin and does not leave a film of oil on the skin’s surface, which inevitably facilitates microbial development. Now that baby’s seat is smells clean and healthy, all it takes is 30 seconds to cover him or her in hugs and kisses. Close the new diaper and you’re done.
A few short minutes are all you need to squeeze some extra joy into your day.

Dr Philippe Goëb

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