Diane, Geneva. about Cérat des Alpes

I have had problems with atopic eczemaon my face, neck and elbows since I was born… more than 40 years ago! After years of treating my crises with strong products, I reach a point where I couldn’t even handle any more moisturizing creams. Most creams on the market contain mineral oils that give me bad reactions and they keep my skin from breathing.
I discovered Alpaderm‘s Cérat des Alpes cold cream, which is totally organic and doesn’t use mineral oils, and which moisturizes my skin without clogging my pores. I’ve been using it for two months now and I tolerate it just fine, sometimes up to three times a day on the worst spots. This cream is the perfect product in my opinion, with a great smell and nice texture, but not greasy. My skin is moisturized and soothed and I can really feel that it’s getting better. I’m going to continue investing in my future by using this cream for my skin and my own well-being.

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