Dr. Ph. Goëb, Paris. about Cérat des Alpes

Dear Madam,
Your daughter has hyper- reactive skin. The best product for her condition is Cérat des Alpes from Alpaderm. This cold cream offers biological quality, and is specially designed for allergic and hyper sensitive skin using only authentic and organic ingredients, without any artificial or chemical additives (no paraben, artificial aromas, etc.) which could cause Méline’s sensitive cutaneous condition to persist. In fact, Alpaderm‘s cérat des Alpes has all the ingredients needed to nourish, soothe and heal skin:
– It is important to soothe allergic and hyper sensitive skin in order to limit inflammatory conditions and red patches as well as unbearable itching.
– Your daughter’s skin type also needs nourishing products (fatty acids, vitamins, etc.) in order to strengthen it against outside aggression from the environment and various allergens, such as cat hair and ordinary dust around the house.
– The skin needs to be healed in order to avoid open wounds from scratching, which are likely to get infected, infections which in turn can cause permanent marks.

Using this cream can only be beneficial for Méline, and it will help keep her from having to use cortisone products repeatedly.

In addition to using the cérat cream, keep up the homeopathic treatment, which will change allergic reactions over time. Even if results are tangible, sometimes you just have to be patient.

It is only normal for you to be in a hurry to see your children get better, but you should be aware that it takes a long time to cure this type of condition.

Don’t give up, and continue using natural products. Your daughter is still young, but it’s important to not get her accustomed to traditional anti- allergy products, cortisone and antihistamines.

Please keep me informed on how Méline is doing.
Best regards.

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