Emmanuelle, Paris, about the Cold cream

November 4th 2012


Just a little message to thank you for the samples proposed to me by Marjolaine : which I straight away tried out, and straight away strated using, I just sent in my first order. The Cold cream considerably reduced my eczema in only three applications (it is linked to a dietary allergy), and the hydrating cream was as convenient for the skin of my face as for my smallest child of 2 months whose skin is very dry…. His older sisters will test the « tube » version, the samples were too small for us all 😉 and im waiting with great impatience for the massage oil.

Well done for these natural compositions which are much more organic than other « organic » products… if i hadnt seen the shocking effect on myself, I wouldve never been able to believe it !

Yours sincerly,


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