• Atopy

    Atopy refers to a hereditary predisposition to developing immediate allergies. Due to their genetic composition, “atopic people” tend to break out in allergic reaction in environments that can be considered as harmless for other people.
    The frequency of atopic reactions is constantly on the rise throughout the world, now affecting nearly 20% of all children in the western world (according to estimates in the ISAAC study, Lancet 1998). For babies, these reactions often occur early on, before the age of 2 and sometimes starting at one month.

    Atopic eczema is generally the first manifestation of atopy. The first symptoms include irritation and dryness of the skin, which becomes very sensitive, frequently accompanied by a burning and itching that is very uncomfortable on a daily basis, and sometimes evolves into asthma or rhino conjunctivitis.

    At this time there is no known treatment that cures atopy, whose chronic nature and recurring tendency are often dominating factors. Only the symptoms may be treated.

    A few simple rules can increase comfort for children suffering from atopy: avoid irritating products such as wool, perfumes and softening laundry detergents, allergenic foodstuffs such as eggs and peanuts; air out the house and only use organic cosmetic products without additives, using natural active ingredients and moisturisers, such as Cérat des Alpes for cleansing.


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