• Cerat de Galien (Cold Cream)

    Galen (Galien in French, AD 131 – 216), is considered as the greatest physician in Antiquity since Hippoctrates. He left a significant body of work, rich with nearly 500 treatises on medicine, philosophy and, of course, pharmacy.

    For example, he established the proportions for a cream known as cérat de Galien, based on bee's wax. This cream is still used today for its ultra-nourishing ingredients in various high-end dermatological preparations. Cérat de Galien is used to effectively treat dry skin, bedsores, stretch marks and more, while stimulating epidermal regeneration in the most sensitive skin.

    Traditionally, this cream is composed of white bee's wax, sweet almond oil, distilled rosewater and sodium borate. In order to minimize any risk of causing an allergic reaction, Alpaderm modified the formula by replacing rosewater and sweet almond oil with less allergenic plants such as camomile and primrose and jojoba oils. Renamed Cérat des Alpes, this new forumula is particularly well adapted to the reactive and sensitive skin of babies and their mothers.


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