• Cosmetics

    Cosmetics have existed since the dawn of time. Some of them, such as Cérat de Galien, date back to Antiquity and are still used today. Now cosmetics are subject to specific regulations: cosmetics include all substances and preparations destined to come into contact with various superficial areas of the human body, including skin and hair, in order to clean, perfume, change the aspect, correct the fragrence, protect and/or keep them in good condition. Cosmetics are therefore hygienic products and treatments with an esthetic purpose.

    However they are presented, cosmetics generally have a similar structure composed of active ingredients, excipients for transporting said ingredients through the skin, and additives (preservatives) to ensure product stability over time. In the 20th century, many cosmetics were developed with complex formulas, frequently containing petroleum-by products.

    An effective alternative nonetheless does exist, made by organically-certified laboratories like Alpaderm. These laboratories produce natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics without using artificial additives, and whose active plant ingredients come only from organic agriculture.


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