• Dry skin

    Called Xerosis in medical terms, dry or dehydrated skin lacks moisture. This generates an uncomfortable sensation of tightness, burning and roughness, with desquamination and thin cracks. Skin can become dehydrated regardless of its genetic composition, whether thick or thin, sensitive or insensitive, reactive or non-reactive. Extremely dry skin may also by a symptom of an allergy or cutaneous illness such as eczema or psoriasis. Factors that lead to dehydration include climatic conditions (cold temperatures, exposure to the sun), unbalanced diet and the use of cleansing products based on irritating active ingredients.

    It is critical to rehydrate skin in order to restore this natural protective layer, composed of water and oily substances. Organic creams and moisturising lotions that use natural active ingredients such as primrose and borage oils and mineral water, not only rehydrate the epidermis but they help recreate this protective barrier. They also help restore skin's softness and smoothness.


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