• Eczema

    There are two main types of eczema, a non-contagious inflammatory skin condition: atopic eczema, which is believed to have a hereditary component and often affects young children; and contact eczema, which is a hypersensitive allergic reaction that occurs when the subject comes into contact with an allergen.

    Characterised by irregularly-shaped lesions, sometimes microvesicular and dry, eczema causes severe itching that can be extremely bothersome. Skin grows thicker and becomes covered with scaly squames.

    There is a natural alternative to the prolonged use of cortisone-based creams for soothing the skin and reducing eczema symptoms. Skin repair can be aided by moisturising creams without allergens, developed with organic products that are naturally rich in active ingredients. Omega 3 and 6, contained in the essential primrose oil (oenothera) used by Alpaderm, offer recognised anti-eczema and moisturising properties.


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