• Sea-buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoïdes

    Sea-buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoïdes

    Sea-buckthorn is a thorny shrub that is so dependent on light that the plant actually dies if it is surrounded by tall trees. It seeks out sun, salty terrain, and forms impenetrable hedges along the coasts of the Channel and North Sea.

    Medicinal and cosmetic properties: Sea-buckthorn has two specific elements that appear to have a beneficial effect on burns, eczema and dermatitis: palmitoleic acid, a rare fatty acid, and carotenoid. In addition, its high level of tocopherol (vitamin E), a recognised antioxidant, limits oxidation processes within epidermal layers. When used regularly, sea-buckthorn contributes to keeping skin looking beautiful, reducing sclerosis and slowing the appearance of wrinkles.


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