• Essential oils

    Essentials oils are made by distilling the water vapour of fragrant plants, either in their entirety or in part (branches, leaves, fruit, flowers, rhizomes, etc.). It is important to note that citrus essences are not obtained through distillation, but rather via their zest, and are thus not actually essential oils.

    Known since Antiquity, essential oils have been used for their fragrance in various religious ceremonies for the antiseptic and antiputrid properties for embalming and mummification. Starting in the Middle Ages, essential oils were used for their digestive and respiratory benefits. Throughout the 20th century and present times, essential oils have grown continuously in popularity, which is largely justified by their therapeutic properties that have been increasingly studied in universities and laboratories around the world.

    Organically-certified cosmetic treatments, particularly well adapted to sensitive skin and dry skin, use essential oils such as camomile, for their high quality anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.


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