Michel, Grenoble. about Cérat des Alpes, nourishing cream, massage oil

My name is Michel, I’m 40 years old and I have had serious problems with cutaneous allergies since I was an adolescent. Anything irritates my skin, and as soon as I use a cream that is supposed to be soothing, such as after-shave, I get red marks on my face and the burning feeling is horrible. Living with this problem has been a handicap for many years, and not only did it make me irritable in general but it also did not look very nice. My brother who surfs the Internet all the time came across the Alpaderm site and he told me about it. My wife ordered the Cérat de Alpes cream. Then I tried it… the cream is organic and it really nourished my skin. Not only that but it has a good citrus smell. I now use the cream regularly, and my face feels less tight. The red spots are gone. Since I work outside, I use lots of cream when it’s cold and rub my damaged hands with it regularly.

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