Our Commitment

France and Philippe commitment

Innocuous, Authentic, Quality, Ethical

We are committed to:

  • MAKING all of our products from natural plants,
  • MAKING all of our products from natural plants,
  • FORMULATING our skincare products for fragile and delicate skin,
  • EXCLUDING mineral oils, artificial colouring and aromas , and any chemical preservatives not authorised by ECOCERT/ COSMOS and COSMEBIO standards,
  • LEVERAGING a durable research and development ,
  • SUBMITTING all of our products to a battery of rigorous tests under strict dermatological control
  • PRODUCING balanced product batches in order to ensure quality and optimal freshness, as well as to limit stock,
  • GUARANTEEING the maximum amount of ECOCERT/ COSMEBIO certified organic ingredients and respecting the COSMEBIO charter
  • RESPECTING the environment (using recyclable packaging) and never testing our products on animals,
  • CHECKING supplies rigorously at every phase of the production process, respecting stringent BPF standards

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