Repairing Carapa Procera soap

  • Mild handmade cold process soap
  • Cellular repair and regeneration with Carapa Procera oil
  • Protection and healing with shea butter
  • Soft, purifying and soothing yellow clay
  • Labelled Bio Earth

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The Carapa Procera repair soap is a cold saponified handmade soap. This saponification allows the virtues of the active ingredients selected for its elaboration to remain intact: Carapa Procera and shea butter.

  • Carapa Procera oil is an oil from West Africa known for its dermocosmetic properties on problematic skin and scalp: atopic tendency, eczema, psoriasis… It nourishes and repairs the epidermis.
  • Shea butter has a protective action against skin dryness and a healing action on damaged skin by regenerating the superficial epidermal layers.
  • The Carapa Procera repair soap also contains essential oil of lemongrass and a touch of yellow clay known for its softening properties.


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