So the sun can stay your baby’s friend

Pediatricians agree

If you keep your baby completely out of the sun for the first year, his or her skin won’t secrete enough melanin, the natural anti-UVA and anti-UVB filter secreted by specialised epidermal cells called melanocytes.

When you got out in sunny weather

Around twenty minutes before going out, start by thoroughly covering all the areas that are going to remain exposed, such as the baby’s face and hands, using sun protection cream with jojoba, primrose and aloe vera with a high sun protection factor (SPF30). This natural cream is ideal, as its unctuous and fluid texture enables it to penetrate well into the skin. And rest assured, its anti-UVA and anti-UVB filters are entirely mineral-based and will not cause your baby any skin irritation. One small, yet important detail: don’t forget to slip the box into your bag before you leave, as we recommend that you reapply the cream every two hours.
Then you can dress your baby in loose, long-sleeved clothing that is dense enough to block the sun’s rays. Put on his or her little hat and protective sunglasses, and then feel confident that you can take your star out without any risk.

3 suggestions from DR. Goëb

Let me offer you three suggestions if you are heading out to the beach:
– Wait until the sun is no longer at its hottest,
– Don’t forget to apply sun cream generously on all the most exposed areas, such as the ears, tip of the nose, cheeks, shoulders, back-side of the knees and tops of the feet,
– If it is hot outside, remember to give your baby something to drink regularly.

Dr Philippe Goëb

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