Washing your baby

Practical hints :

Bath-time is a time of shared intimacy, considered by many to be a sacred moment. For a few uninterrupted minutes there are no more phones, no doorbells, and it’s just the two of you with each other. Under no circumstances will you leave your baby alone in the water or on the changing table even for a few seconds, or you could regret it for the rest of your life!
Baby baths should be relatively short, and should not exceed 5 – 6 minutes. You may shampoo your baby and use soap either in or out of the water, rinsing him or her gently in the bathtub.
Avoid using sponges to wash, as they quickly become a nest for microbes.
When you take the baby out of the bath, wrap him or her up quickly in a soft bath towel to keep the warmth in. Make sure the baby’s skin is completely dry, particularly in all those little folds and creases!

Recommended bath products :

For shampoo, use ultra-gentle calendula and sea-buckthorn shampoo. Remember, baby needs shampooing every day for the first four months to avoid infantile eczema or perspiration residue, which can carry germs and unpleasant odours. The soothing and nourishing formula in our shampoo is specially designed for this intensive use.
To wash baby’s body, uses oil rich soap, or soap containing the least possible amount of chemical additives in order to avoid irritation and intolerance.

After the bath :

Wipe the sides of the baby’s eyelids using a sterile compress soaked with saline solution for each eye, delicately removing any accumulated secretions.

Use a cotton swap soaked with saline solution to clean the opening of each nostril and gently remove any residual mucous. Then spray a small amount of isotonic seawater to clean deeper into the baby’s nose and to stimulate the nasal cavity’s immune defences.

Next, it’s time to clean the outer part of the baby’s ears using a cotton swab. Be careful not to reach into the ear canal, or you may hurt him or her.

Remember the fingernails, but don’t worry, you won’t need to cut them during the first few months. Examine baby’s fingernails to check their length and make sure the tips are not broken or sharp, which could be used to scratch his or her face. Clearly, when you do cut fingernails it is important to use round-tipped scissors to avoid hurting the baby.

The baby’s beauty care :

We offer high quality organic products that can be used without moderation to nourish baby’s skin. These products were designed by parents like you for their babies, so enjoy.

When baby is nice and dry:
– Gently apply cleansing cream made with jojoba, primrose, Madonna lily and Chamomile on baby’s face to maintain the perfect moisture level. The central heating in our homes actually causes skin to dry out.
– Massage baby’s entire body with nourishing cream made with jojoba, primrose, Madonna lily and Chamomile to moisturize and maintain skin balance. Twice a week, use cérat des Alpes (cold cream), which is richer in oil and penetrates deeper, made with jojoba, primrose, Madonna lily and Chamomile.

By using these products regularly, your baby’s skin will appear smooth, velvety and soft, all signs of proper cutaneous balance.

Dr Philippe Goëb

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