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An ultra-rich cream to nourish dry and atopic-prone skin thanks to a concentrate of natural active ingredients.





A nourishing, hydrating and rebalancing multi-function dry oil of exceptional richness that concentrates the benefits of jojoba wax, evening primrose oil and borage.



Discover here our organic products, straight out of the Swiss Alps to relieve and enhance the skin of adults and children.

Alps Lip Balm


an ultra-nourishing balm that leaves lips soft and hydrated and protected from the cold and external aggressions.





What client say

It is true that Alpaderm products were originally designed for children. In fact I find that they are universal organic creams! Their active ingredients contained in natural essential oils restore all skin types from the youngest to the oldest. I gave a tube of Cérat des Alpes to my mom for my father, aged 70 and who was hospitalized for 15 days. He could not move and unfortunately he developed bedsores. Since her release, my mother has applied your cereal to her three times a day and her skin finally heals !!

Nathalie, Haute-Savoie. À propos du Cérat des Alpes 12 Mai 2018

The Cerat is the absolute PROTECTION in case of BIG COLD, for the soft cheeks of my children. They spend 3 days a week in the open air, in the forest, and never get chapped. A little bit in the morning before going out, a little bit in the evening before sleeping and voila. Thank you, it's great, and it smells so good !!! The whole family uses your products, and I am asked how I do to preserve the skin of my children, especially this winter when the temperatures are well below freezing.

Alexandra, Zürich. À propos du Cérat des Alpes 20 Janvier 2019

My name is Michel, I am 40 years old and since my adolescence, I have big concerns of skin allergies. My skin is irritated for nothing and as soon as I use a cream supposed to be soothing, especially after shaving, I develop redness on the face and the itching is intolerable. Living with this problem was crippling for many years and made me irritable not to mention the unsightly side. My brother who surfs all the time on the net fell on the site of alpaderm. He told me about it. My wife ordered the Cerat des Alpes. And then, I tried ... The cream is organic / ecological and it nourishes my skin. In addition it smells of citrus. I use it regularly and my face is really less tight. The redness has disappeared. As I work outside, I use it generously when it is cold and I treat my damaged hands regularly.

Michel, Grenoble. À propos du Cérat des Alpes, Crème nutritive, Huile de massage ou de soin 2 Octobre 2009

Xavier developed atopy at the age of 6 months. The poor man had such dry and irritated skin that he did not sleep through the night. I did not want corticosteroid care for such a young child. So I looked for a natural cream without synthetic product that could really relieve it. It was a Swiss friend who introduced me to Alpaderm and its cerat. I got results that met my expectations. Xavier is better, his skin is no longer irritated, he is finally hydrated properly.

Malika, Haute-Savoie. À propos de Cérat des Alpes, 19 Septembre 2018

"My daughter Caroline has suffered from eczema since her birth. Eczema later developed severely on his hands, especially on his fingers, and got worse over time with the soaps and other products used. We used cortisone for the most severe seizures with extreme pain and bleeding, but using cortisone was not a long-term strategy and I was looking for better treatment. She is now 10 years old and the situation is getting worse. Since she has used Alpaderm's Alpine cereal twice a day on her hands, we have had no other crisis. Her skin is better hydrated and slowly recovers from years of irritation and cortisone abuse. I will continue to use Alpaderm cerat during winter, which has always been a particularly difficult period. "

Nancy, Lausanne. À propos du Cérat des Alpes 2 Décembre 2018



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