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Xavier developed atopy at the age of 6 months. The poor man had such dry and irritated skin that he did not sleep through the night. I didn’t want corticosteroid care for such a young child. So I looked for a natural cream without synthetic products that could really relieve it. It was a Swiss friend who made me discover Alpaderm and its cerat. I got results that were as much as I had hoped. Xavier is better, his skin is no longer irritated, she is finally hydrated properly

Malika, Haute-Savoie

I was looking for a natural, high-quality product to nourish my baby’s skin. When a baby comes out of its mother’s womb, it comes out of a natural environment and it was shocking and unthinkable for me to put my daughter synthetic products that are found in stores. I found Alpaderm’s nourishing cream and cleansing lotion to perfectly match my expectations. My daughter is now 2 years old and I now use the whole range with full confidence.

Tatiana, Paris

My 4 children (9 years old, 2 x 7 years old and 3 years old) had cradle caps, some kind of dandruff testifying to a dry and assaulted scalp despite the use of the best shampoos for babies.
With Alpaderm shampoo my children’s hair shines, is soft and the scalp is healthy. I recommend it to all my friends. Its use gave very fast results and I no longer have any worries.

Charlotte Luxembourg