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Our Commitment

We are committed to:

  • MAKING all of our products from natural plants,
  • MAKING all of our products from natural plants,
  • FORMULATING our skincare products for fragile and delicate skin,
  • EXCLUDING mineral oils, artificial colouring and aromas , and any chemical preservatives not authorised by ECOCERT/ COSMOS and COSMEBIO standards,
  • LEVERAGING a durable research and development ,
  • SUBMITTING all of our products to a battery of rigorous tests under strict dermatological control
  • PRODUCING balanced product batches in order to ensure quality and optimal freshness, as well as to limit stock,
  • GUARANTEEING the maximum amount of ECOCERT/ COSMEBIO certified organic ingredients and respecting the COSMEBIO charter
  • RESPECTING the environment (using recyclable packaging) and never testing our products on animals,
  • CHECKING supplies rigorously at every phase of the production process, respecting stringent BPF standards

Certificat ECOCERT

Recognised certifications

The Alpaderm skincare product line has passed all the dermatological and microbiological testing necessary to satisfy the various legal requirements in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

The Alpaderm skincare product line has passed all the dermatological and microbiological testing necessary The Alpaderm skincare product line has passed all the dermatological and microbiological testing necessary

In addition, our products have received ecocert certification, an additional guarantee that the alpaderm laboratory creates top quality organic cosmetic products.

Details about ecocert certification :

Ecocert certification has defined a level of requirements that is more strict than that imposed by current legislation on cosmetic products. It ensures respect for consumers, extensive use of the highest ecological quality natural substances, as well as true environmental protection practices throughout the production process.

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Proven certifications
The Alpaderm care range has passed all the necessary dermatological and microbiological tests. It meets the various legal requirements, both Swiss and European.

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The following text is printed on the label of certified products: “Ecological and organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to ECOCERT standard available at This is the only valid proof of certification. Organically grown ingredients are indicated by an asterisk in the INCI* list, where it is written: “organically grown ingredients”. The percentage of ingredients of natural origin is clearly indicated on the label.

Here is an overview of the requirements detailed in Ecocert specifications:

At least 95% of the ingredients must be of natural origin in order to encourage producers to avoid petrochemical ingredients, and instead to use primary ingredients from agro-resources transformed via processes that respect the environment.
Artificial aromas, colouring agents, artificial colours, silicone, and glycol are all forbidden. Only a few required synthetic ingredients that are not yet available from natural sources, are authorised.
In order to verify compliance with Ecocert certification requirements, the producer is inspected twice a year by an Ecocert auditor. These inspections focus on checking products, traceability, packaging and labelling.

Certified operators receive a licence which authorises the company to produce and/or distribute certified cosmetics, accompanied by a product certificate.

*INCI : as of January 1, 1998, a European directive has required a declaration of cosmetic product components according to the INCI system (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). Components must be clearly indicated on the product label, with the first items listed being those that constitute the largest proportion of the product; those representing less than 1% may then be listed in random order.

Cosmébio Charter

1. For the products:
a) Selection of ingredients.
The marketing of cosmetic products whose ingredients are natural or from natural origins, and above all resulting from controlled Organic Agriculture.

list of authorized ingredients*
list of excluded ingredients*
* see reference

b) Selection of the transformation and manufacture processes.
Use of non-pollutants in the transformation and manufacturing processes, respectful of Mankind and the Environment, throughout the network.

list of authorised processes*
list of excluded processes*
* see reference

c) Obligation of guarantees.
The conditions of the contract respected, and ingredients certified by independent control organizations, validated by Cosmébio and the State.

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2. For people:
Implementing steps for:

The respect and well-being of consumers
The right to complete information
The need for transparency concerning the ingredients as well as finished products.
Use of specific logos :

BIO logo
Minimum 95% of natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin.Ingredients resulting from organic agriculture: Minimum 10% of the ingredient total
Ingredients resulting from organic agriculture: Minimum 95% of the certifiable ingredients
Maximum 5% of ingredients of synthetic origin

ECO logo
Minimum 95% of natural ingredients or natural origin ingredients.Ingredients resulting from organic agriculture: Minimum 5% of the ingredients total
Ingredients resulting from organic agriculture: Minimum 50% of the certifiable ingredients
Maximum 5% of ingredients of synthetic origin

3. For the environment :
a) Respecting life
Respect for various orders of nature, including :
Prohibition of animal testing
Use of alternative methods of product evaluation (toxicity, effectiveness)
b) By specific measures.
Respect for the environment on all levels :

Means of obtaining raw materials,
Transformation processes,
Cleaning processes,
Conditioning processes,
Biodegradability of finished products,
Recycling of packaging and the entirety of the waste resulting from their manufacturing

4. For the economy and society :
Commitment with the goal of sustainable development and fair trade.


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