Makeup Removal Routine

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Do you want to have radiant youthful and luminous skin? This requires removing makeup! Find our skincare routine to have sublimated skin Pollution is responsible for certain harmful effects such as premature aging and dehydration of the skin. During the day, the pollution particles will settle on the skin, the pores are clogged and the […]


Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases. In industrialized countries, it has been developing rapidly for 50 years, following the spectacular increase in autoimmune diseases and allergies (or considered as such) …. A large number of children are affected, often very young – 15% of infants – announcing or accompanying in half of […]

Understanding the skin

The skin responds excessively to external aggressions, whether for genetic reasons or not. Some skins produce excessive immune responses to external agents where others remain unresponsive. This hypersensitivity, like the alteration of the epidermal barrier, can have a genetic origin. There are families of eczematous people, as there are families of asthmatics. But this same […]

Possible Solutions

Even if crises corresponding to surges encourage short-term solutions, it is advisable to get to the bottom of things to prevent them from coming back. For this we must avoid allergens, but also take a new look at our immediate environment If, for example, mites are responsible for outbreaks of eczema, the problem will simply […]

Who are the consumers of organic products?

Switching to organic cosmetics means changing your lifestyle. The key message of this study is clear: switching to organic implies a change of life for 85% of organic cosmetic buyers. 71% pay more attention to their consumption patterns (food waste, consume less but better, waste management, carpooling…). 45% are more attentive to their health: they […]

Atopic eczema, allergy on the skin

A predisposition to allergy Atopic eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, or infant eczema, so many names for the same skin disease. Atopic is a predisposition to allergy that manifests itself through different pathologies such as hay fever, allergic asthma or eczema. This skin disease is not serious but is very unpleasant during flare-ups. In the case […]

Tips for baby care

Practical advice : Bathing is a moment of shared intimacy, so consider it sacred. During those few minutes, no more phone, no more doorbell, just the two of you. You forbid yourself to leave him alone in his bath or alone on his changing table even for “30 seconds”, which you could regret for the […]