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Our skincare treatment products are available in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland. Just write to us (via our contact page) and we will let you know which sales outlet is closest to you.

We also export our products via our on-line store.

There are several labels that enable consumers to identify organic products. We have chosen Ecocert certification (see Ecocert) and we adhere to the Cosmébio charter (see Cosmébio). These organisations are both highly respected, and their quality and requirements are high:

Ecocert certification gives consumers the guarantee that cosmetic products contain a high percentage of natural ingredients and a percentage of ingredients produced using organic agriculture methods. At least:

  • 95% of all the ingredients in the product are of natural origin
  • 95% of the product’s plant ingredients are organic
  • 10% of the overall ingredients in the final product must be organic (note: this relatively low percentage is justified by the presence of water in these products, a non-certifiable product that can represent over 80% of the product’s overall composition).
  • These percentages are always indicated clearly on the packaging, according to the product’s complete INCI formula.

The Cosmébio label:

  • Given certain shortcomings in regulations concerning natural cosmetology, an association of cosmeticsproducers, in collaboration with Ecocert, an independent certification organisation, elaborated specifications for ethical cosmetics in order to offer consumers cosmetic products that are efficient, non-toxic, and made from natural, certified-organic components.

It’s easy to minimise the importance of water in cosmetic products. However it is the ingredient that is present in the largest quantity! Many products use ordinary demineralised “tap water”.

We searched the heart of the Swiss Alps for a source adapted to babies’ fragile skin. Thanks to its low level of natural minerals, our water is the perfect complement to the natural ingredients in our product line. Remember, the water contained in Alpaderm skincare products is captured at an altitude of more than 1800 meters at one of the highest springs in Switzerland.

The growth of consumer markets led to the appearance of cosmetic products that met a new set of requirements, based heavily on industrial and economic considerations. Little by little, organic products were replaced by less expensive ingredients from the chemical sector.

Today we know that plant extracts have remarkable effects on skin, and that they are in perfect harmony with it. The natural substances used in natural and organic products have beneficial actions on skin. In traditional cosmetics, a large proportion of ingredients serve only to add textures, aromas and colors that consumers enjoy.

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