Great Cold Routine

Is your skin exposed to the cold? in the mountains or in the city, the cold and the wind attack your skin. Find out how to protect yourself with Alpaderm skincare

Beautiful, smooth, supple, luminous skin is well hydrated skin. That of a baby, the benchmark sweetness par excellence, contains 80% water.

However, in winter, the skin tends to dry out. She tugs, blushes, feelings of discomfort and even a certain roughness appear. These are the symptoms of dehydration. The skin is weakened by winter temperatures and must be protected from these attacks. The cold of winter causes narrowing of the vessels and a slowing of the circulation of blood, leading to deep dehydration. The cold also causes a slowdown in the production of enzymes which ensure natural flaking. As a result, the skin does not renew itself as quickly and becomes rough. She begins to peel, to tug and sometimes to cover herself with red patches. The facial skin is the most exposed in winter and deserves special care.

Water loss must therefore be slowed down by creating a film / barrier which prevents water molecules from escaping.

– by applying Cérat des Alpes in a thick layer on the face and hands and

– by protecting your lips with the Alpine lip balm, an ultra-nourishing and soothing treatment with organic wild pansies, jojoba, beeswax, shea butter and sea buckthorn,

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