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Atopic eczema, allergy on the skin

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A predisposition to allergy Atopic eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, or infant eczema, so many names for the same skin disease. Atopic is a predisposition to allergy that manifests itself through different pathologies such as hay fever, allergic asthma or eczema. This skin disease is not serious but is very unpleasant during flare-ups. In the case […]

Tips for baby care

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Practical advice : Bathing is a moment of shared intimacy, so consider it sacred. During those few minutes, no more phone, no more doorbell, just the two of you. You forbid yourself to leave him alone in his bath or alone on his changing table even for “30 seconds”, which you could regret for the […]

Baby’s skin from the inside

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THE BABY’S SKIN IS THE RESULT OF A SLOW MATURATION THAT TOOK PLACE DURING PREGNANCY: Around the 40th day of pregnancy, the small embryo, which measures 10 to 14 millimetres, sees its tongue appear, its teeth form and its epidermis develop. At the 22nd week of pregnancy, the baby is 17cm from head to coccyx […]