Tips for baby care

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Practical advice : Bathing is a moment of shared intimacy, so consider it sacred. During those few minutes, no more phone, no more doorbell, just the two of you. You forbid yourself to leave him alone in his bath or alone on his changing table even for “30 seconds”, which you could regret for the rest of your life! Before putting baby in the bath, measure the temperature of the water, which should be between 35 and 37°C, so that he doesn’t catch cold or get burnt. The duration of the bath should be fairly short and should not exceed 5 to 6 minutes.You can shampoo and soap baby, either in or out of the water and then rinse him/her by dipping him/her in the bathtub. Avoid using a sponge, as it will quickly become a nest of germs. After the bath, to avoid any cooling down, wrap baby in a towel. You wipe him well, especially all his little folds. Recommended products for the bath : For shampoo, use Shampoo from the Alps Verbena Witch Hazel Shampoo. You know that during the first four months, baby must be shampooed every day to avoid the appearance of “milk crusts” and perspiration residues that carry germs and unpleasant odours. The soothing and nutritious formulation of our shampoo is specially designed for this intensive use. For body cleansing, use a superfatted soap or at least a soap containing a minimum of chemical additives to avoid irritation and intolerance. After the bath: Using a sterile compress soaked in saline for each eye, you gently cleanse the rim of the eyelids to remove secretions. Then, using a cotton swab soaked in saline for each nostril, you will gently loosen any mucus present, then spray a little isotonic marine spray to cleanse more deeply and stimulate the nasal cavity’s immune defences. Now it’s the turn of the ears. Using a cotton swab, clean the auricle without entering the ear canal: you could hurt your baby. Don’t forget the fingernails. Don’t worry, you won’t need to cut them during the first month. Then you will have to check their length and that there are no small breaks at the tips: he could scratch his face. Of course, you will use small scissors with round tips so as not to hurt it. The baby’s beauty session: We have at our disposal good natural products that we can safely abuse to nourish our skin. They were designed by parents, like you, for our babies, so enjoy them! Once baby is dry, twice a week, you will massage him with the Alpine ceramics with Jojoba, Evening primrose, borage for a super emollient treatment. Thanks to the regular use of these products, our baby’s skin retains a satiny, velvety and supple appearance that ensures a good skin balance. Dr Philippe Goëb