It took me a long time to find the cream that relieves the itching of my reactive skin and prevents me from having a rash of small red pimples… With Alpaderm, I found a whole range of natural and moisturizing creams that suits me and brings real comfort on a daily basis without having a perfume that is too strong, something I really don’t like.

Jean-Marc, Paris

My name is Pierre-Antoine I am 10 years old and my little brother Valentin is 8 years old. I have big skin problems. My mother brought me a cream from Mr. Alpaderm. For me this product is extraordinary, it allows me to stop my skin from burning and it smells like orange. Even Dad uses it for those chapped lips. This cream is revolutionary. 

Pierre-Antoine, Vaud

Cérat is the absolute PROTECTION in case of BIG COLD, for the soft cheeks of my children. They spend 3 days a week in the open air, in the forest, and never get chapped. A little bit in the morning before going out, a little bit in the evening before going to sleep and that’s it. Thank you, it’s great, and it smells so good!!!

Alexandra, Zürich

There is a lot of talk these days about the environment and Bio. I feel extremely concerned and I try to limit my ecological footprint by adopting a responsible behaviour towards the planet. I consume differently by favouring organic products, without petroleum derivatives, including in the choice of my skin care creams. I live in the mountains. In winter, my sensitive skin suffers particularly from the sun and the cold. Alpaderm’s Cérat des Alpes is a balm that relieves my skin while being natural, without additives from petrochemicals. I believe that one can really find high quality products, 100% organic and in accordance with one’s convictions.

Anne-Marie, Jura, 2 October 2011

A program on France 2 had made me aware a few years ago of the chemicals and fears of parabens, a chemical preservative found in just about every care and toiletries product. We talked about it during the session with the pediatrician. It scared me a little bit because a baby has an immature immune system and subjecting a baby to this type of product from a very young age is rather harmful. I decided to prefer organic products, without paraben. I think this is healthier for Anna. Alpaderm is my line of cosmetics and care products for Anna and now for the whole family. No paraben, no petroleum-based excipients, organic and very effective.

Catherine, Haute-Savoie


just a little message to thank you for the samples proposed to Marjolaine: as soon as I try it, as soon as I adopt it, I have just placed my first order. The cérat has considerably reduced my eczema in only three applications (it is linked to a food allergy), and the moisturizing cream is suitable for my face skin (mixed and reactive) as well as for the skin of my 2 month old baby, very dry…. her older sisters will test the tube version, the sample was too small for all of us 😉 and I’m looking forward to the massage oil.

Bravo for these natural compositions and much more organic than other organic products… if I hadn’t seen the bluffing effect on myself, I would never have been able to believe it!  Yours sincerely…

Emmanuelle, Paris

In order, I have allergies to peanuts, shrimp and certain pollens. Between the rhinitis, my reactive skin and my diet to avoid edema, I am really varnished. The round of antihistamines and corticoids I know by heart and to be still on the who lives at 20 years old makes me drunk ! I can’t wash myself with just any product and I have to be careful what I apply to my face or else plaques will appear. Finding organic skin care products with real natural active ingredients is not so easy. It was my beautician who told me (in half words) about Alpaderm products. In fact she uses the cream for her son who has skin problems. I first tested the cerat, then the nutritive cream and since this summer I have been using the sun protection. No problem of redness or intolerance to report. My skin is beautiful! I can finally think of something else. Thanks to the couple who invented them. I read their story on the site, rather nice as implication !

Anne, Saint-Suplice

It’s a marvel! Just put a tiny amount of it on and the hydration is amazing. As far as perfume is concerned, it is also very pleasant.

Belén, Miss-Bio, Spain

Your cleansing milk not only smells delicious – just like the rest of your products – but also works wonders when used as a body lotion.

Witikon, Zurich

Cérat des Alpes freed me from a bad eczema on my face (on both cheeks); from then on, I use it daily and have recommended it to my acquaintances…

Alice, Geneva

My children are 2 and 4 years old, so it is important for me to use non-toxic skin care products that do not harm the skin. I therefore regularly use Alpaderm Alpaderm Cérat des Alpes to moisturize their little cheeks that have been dried out by the cold and the outdoors. And myself, I use it from time to time as a moisturizing treatment for my face whose skin is sensitive. I am delighted with the results.

Alexandra, Zürich

Alpaderm products are 100% natural and without any chemical components. I have sun allergies and their sun cream is a great success, it is not thick, is very quickly absorbed and does not cause any irritation. We appreciate and fully support the founders’ approach to go beyond legislation and offer clean products.

Thank again..

Anne, Geneva

I love Alpaderm shampoo. It combines the gentleness of organic shampoos with the texture and lather of regular shampoos. A real pleasure to use…and soft hair that no longer needs conditioner. I also love Cerat, which is for me my nourishing and moisturizing all-purpose cream. I use it for my hands, after shaving, for slightly dry areas.

Thank you Alpaderm.

Florence, Pully