Possible Solutions


Even if crises corresponding to surges encourage short-term solutions, it is advisable to get to the bottom of things to prevent them from coming back. For this we must avoid allergens, but also take a new look at our immediate environment

If, for example, mites are responsible for outbreaks of eczema, the problem will simply be resolved with an anti-mite cover. Regular ventilation of the room, hunting of animal dust, feathers and feathers, moderate room temperature, abundant rinsing of the laundry are all measures to reduce the presence of allergens.

Likewise, let’s be vigilant in the products we use, whether they directly affect our skin, such as cosmetics, indirectly like detergents, or whether we ingest them. The use of ultra-chemicals can only affect us. Let us be attentive to all that we can change on a daily basis.

Treatments of relapses

Cortisone creams or ointments: a short-term treatment that suppresses an alarm signal

Dermocorticoids do not constitute a basic treatment. Their essential role is to fight against acute skin inflammation in times or crisis zones. They must be administered on the prescription and supervision of a doctor because their prolonged use can weaken the skin. But beware, removing a skin manifestation too quickly does not solve the underlying problem and can deprive the body of an outlet, forcing it to find others, causing more serious and deeper disturbances.

Phytotherapeutic treatments for acute phases

Favor simple treatments that aim to calm and disinfect. For sprays (pure water, rose water), compresses (Dalibour water, marshmallow, elderberry, decoction of walnut leaves, …) and other permanganate baths, it is best to contact specialists phytotherapy that have a large arsenal. Typically, any herbal treatment should be prescribed by a specialist as they can cause reactions.


Light treatment is effective in the treatment of eczema, but it only has a suspensive effect, that is to say that the improvement or cure of the inflammation obtained by the treatment is not only short-lived. The treatment has between 15 and 30 sessions. It is best to choose a stay by the sea that combines the benefits of the sun with other natural factors, including iodine and sea water.

Background treatments

Skin hydration: favor nature

The alteration of the epidermal barrier corresponding to drying of the skin, its hydration by emollients helps reduce and space out the outbreaks of eczema. Cerats, balms, ointments, emulsions or milks, depending on the degree of drying of the skin, will be applied at least once or twice a day, immediately after washing. It is recommended to apply them on the whole body and not only on the areas involved. The quality of the natural components of these products is decisive.

Jojoba, evening primrose, borage have been known for a long time to treat damaged skin. Their presence, like that of other natural active ingredients must enter sufficient concentrations in the composition of emollients to be truly beneficial.

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