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To reduce the risk of eczema, it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle and to be attentive to your diet, but not only …

Improve your diet

Suppressing cow’s milk (even in milk intended for infants) can be a beneficial reflex in case of infant eczema. Consult a doctor to find out about its replacement. As a general rule, allergy tests, but also food intolerance tests will give precious indications for finding the right way of eating, avoiding certain substances for a time or for a long time.

In any case, the appearance of eczema invites us to take control of our diet and learn to recognize what makes us feel good. For example, favor hypotoxic diets: no fried foods, no sauce dishes, no spices, sorrel, spinach, cold meats, fat, organ meats, chocolate, coffee or alcohol. We will turn to vegetables, fruits that can help correct certain imbalances in the ground, either for their own drainage action, or by their more specific contribution of certain favorable vitamin or trace elements: sweet almond, clay, asparagus, carrot, cabbage, watercress, turnip, olive, orange, dandelion, black radish, grape.

Drain the organism

Drainage of the liver, kidneys, intestines is necessary during the onset of eczema. Certain associations of plants are particularly active for these drainage actions, associated depending on the case with anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious effects or for their action in the field.

Treat the intestines

The presence of parasites, fungi or intestinal bacteria can intervene in skin conditions, even if conventional medicine does not always take them into account. It is easy to do analyzes to detect them. Appropriate, natural treatment will eradicate them. Likewise, care will be taken to promote the intestinal flora.

Relieve stress

It sometimes lodges where you don’t notice it, but it often comes into play, directly or indirectly, in this kind of affection. Let’s take the time to spot it with the help of a therapist. Or already, first of all, let’s check if our moments of relaxation are sufficient both on a personal and family level.

The body is a whole. The skin is often an alarm signal, revealing an imbalance in our general condition. It is up to us to take it into account to take a new look at ourselves and what surrounds us, to take responsibility in matters of health. The quality of our life and that of our family is at stake.

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